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Autumn and Immunity

  Thursday 29th April, 2021

As the weather gets cooler and our bodies have to work a little harder to stay warm, they also have to work a little harder to fight off those autumn bugs. There are ways, however, in which we can...


Change of Seasons

  Friday 19th March, 2021

In Chinese medicine each of the seasons relates to a different element. Winter to water, Spring to wood, Summer to fire, and Autumn to metal. Each of these elements relates to a yin and a yang...


Meet Health Connect Shen Director, Nicola Macdonald

  Sunday 10th January, 2021

We recently asked our fabulous Director and owner at Health Connect Shen Clinic, Nicola Macdonald a few questions so we could get to know her better. The answers were fabulous so we wanted to...


The Story of Sleep

  Monday 30th December, 2019
  Topic(s): Sleep

According to, 30% of Australians experience insomnia at some point in their lives, although only 5% require professional treatment. Insomnia can last for a short time, or...


Treating Children with Accupunture and Chinese Medicine

  Saturday 5th October, 2019
  Topic(s): Children

Children are full of yang (the energy that makes them grow and develop). We consider them fully physically developed by the age of 7 (girls) and 8 (boys). But as parents we know how easily they...

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