Yoga Connect Shen

Dedicated yoga studio dedicated to helping you find strength, flexibility and inner peace.

Yoga classs coming soon to Bass Coast Shire

Where yoga and shen connect

Yoga Connect Shen has evolved as a combination of the love and experience of two ancient medicines and philosophies. When 20 years of Chinese Medicine experience combines and connects with 20 years of yoga practice, then the Yoga connects to the Shen.

The word Shen in Chinese Medicine is a complex concept but put simply is ‘the spiritual element of a person’s psyche’.

The birth of Yoga Connect Shen signifies the desire to not only have Chinese Medicine (in its own right a powerful healing modality) but the strength, flexibility and peace that yoga brings to the table.

Meet your teacher

Nicola MacDonald

Nicola has been in clinical practice since 2000 and is a AHPRA registered Chinese Medicine practitioner Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Dispenser. Nicola is also a certified 350 hour Level 1 Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Australia.

Nicola completed training in prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and childrens yoga. She has a vision to bring together her 20+ years of clinical experience with Chinese Medicine and her passion for yoga to provide unique yoga and meditation classes to support her exisiting and new clients.

Certifications & Partnerships

Safflower Chinese Medicine Clinic

The Safflower Chinese Medicine Clinic in Newhaven, Victoria, is a centre that aims to help you to feel less tired, less stressed and more inspired to take your health into your own hands and make better decisions.

The clinic has registered Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Herbal practitioners on the team including Dr Nicola Macdonald (clinic owner/manager, acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist). Practitioner).

In addition we also have mental health counselling, massage therapies and Bowan therapy.

Safflower Clinic has it's own onsite herbal dispensary.

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Rainbow Yoga is a family managed and love inspired business, lovingly born in 2007, with the intention of giving people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative yoga classes for children, families, partners and communities.

Bliss Baby Yoga

Bliss Baby Yoga has been offering quality teacher training courses and workshops in the specialised field of yoga for women for over 10 years.

The signature Bliss Baby Yoga philosophy and methodology fuses scientific knowledge of safe practices with a holistic, spiritual understanding for a satisfying learning experience.