Welcome to Health Connect Shen

It's the place where you'll find a range of holistic solutions for you to live well. We look forward to connecting with you and becoming a valued part of your health support network.

Collectively our practitioners have an excellent reputation for being friendly and providing the best experience for our valued clients. We are focused on getting results and are caring and compassionate, making us relatable and easy to feel supported by.

With extensive clinical experience, our practitioner team have a range of modalities to work with ensuring we provide you with a complete outcome wherever possible.

Our client community think nothing of travelling upwards of 60 kms to see one of our team members at Safflower Clinic. The Clinic is a key part of Health Connect Shen and is located on the stunning Philip Island. We appreciate how far they travel even though there are practitioners closer to them. We know this is testament to the kind of experience they consistently receive.

Your health and wellbeing and living optimally is our greatest wish. We are committed to supporting you to achieve your goals whether that be making significant changes to a health condition or making shifts to improve your day, every day.

In-Person Bookings are available for our Gravelly Beach, Tasmania Clinic. Book an appointment below. Telehealth appointments are also available from any location.

Our Focus is on You, our valued Clients

We pride ourselves on supporting women, men and children of all ages who are seeking or needing holistic health solutions. Our community are open to complementary medicine and allied health. We find they have personally experienced or have heard positive feedback, including feedback relating to encouraging and often life changing results, on the modalities offered at Safflower Clinic and through the Health Connect Shen services and programs.

Our clients value their health and wellbeing and are prepared to invest in getting the best support available. They tell us they are excited about the holistic aspect of mind, body soul connection and willing to work with our treatments and suggestions to enhance their wellbeing.

They prefer a natural and traditional approach to health care or are seeking alternative solutions to their mental and physical health needs. We are proud to provide a diverse range of solutions, making it easier to find just the right one for you and your needs.

We know you look for results for your health concerns, including challenges from pain relief to fertility and pregnancy and more. We provide a range of services including modalities such as Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine, massage, cupping, Gua Sha, electro acupuncture, Yoga, Mental Health counselling.

You want to feel taken care of at Safflower Clinic and Health Connect Shen. You'll consistently find supportive, friendly, compassionate, community minded practitioners with extensive clinical experience, ready and enthusiastic to work with you, no matter your situation.

Find us on beautiful Philip Island

Phillip Island, the home of Safflower Clinic and Health Connect Shen, boasts breathtaking natural beauty and plenty of attractions for nature-lovers and adventurers, including the famous Penguin Parade, beautiful coastlines for an invigorating surf or swim.

It is a haven for visitors and locals and we love that we get to support regular clients and those who come to visit for a short time. You can enjoy Phillip Islands excellent cool climate wines and fresh seasonal organic produce all year round. It is also the home of a well known international motorcycle and car racing Grand Prix events.

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